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Little Flower Medical Research Centre (LFMRC)

On the occasion of its Golden Jubilee celebrations, a small Research Division was started to carry out some electrophysiological work during the year 1987 under Dr.J.K.Mukkadan as Research Director. Soon the management recognized the need for a Research Centre and Little Flower Medical Research Centre came into being, with the blessings of H. Em.Antony Cardinal Padiyara on 11-11-1989 to conduct research in basic medical sciences with the following objectives:-

  • To undertake Scientific Research in Medical Sciences in both basic and applied fields.
  • To institute training programmes and courses of studies in Medical and Allied medical disciplines.
  • To conduct Ph.D. programmes in Basic Medical Sciences.
  • To provide facilities for early detection of disease and to conduct detection camps for providing epidemiological data for research.
  • To promote, develop and improve scientific knowledge by technical co-operation and mutual exchange of medical research institutions with similar interests and objectives.
  • To conduct conferences, refresher courses, lectures and seminars in basic medical subjects.
  • To print, publish and subscribe to periodicals, books, pamphlets or posters for the promotion of research in the fields of basic medical sciences.
  • To provide – institute fellowships or scholarships, stipends, awards, prizes, remuneration or other payments to students and research scholars to facilitate their undertaking of scientific research in Basic Medical Sciences.

Mahatma Gandhi University has recognized this department as a Research Centre in Physiology, especially in the fields of Visual Physiology, Haematology and Biochemical aspects of Physiology. This research centre was inaugurated on 17th August, 1991 by Dr. P.N. Tandon, Prof. of Neurosurgery at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, in the presents of Dr.A.K.Manchanda, Prof.of Physiology at AIIMS, New Delhi. It probably is the first and only Research Centre in Physiology in India in the Mission Hospital Sector. Thus Little Flower Hospital became Little Flower Hospital and Research Centre during 1991.

Teaching is an integral part of a Research Centre. Hence Mahatma Gandhi University has accepted this institution as a Regional centre of the University to conduct degree courses under the School of Medical Education during 1994 to 2005, with Dr.J.K.Mukkadan as Regional Deputy Director

Little Flower Institute of Medical Sciences & Research (LIMSAR)

Little Flower Institute of Medical Sciences & Research, Angamaly is a teaching and Research Institution started on 5th September 2005 as Dr.J.K.Mukkadan its Principal, affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University. It has been re-affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences during 2009-2010.

Education and healthcare are the two fields that have seen tremendous advancements in the recent past. The demand for professionally trained personnel in the allied health sciences has transcended geographical boundaries, with countries like USA turning to India for qualified people.

India also is witnessing a growing demand for trained allied health professionals. Employment opportunities are therefore available in plenty. What is needed is to make concerted efforts to provide allied medical graduates with the required training to take on the challenging world of healthcare, teaching and research.